The DF-F850-12HGSS.P drive, part number 3282390-E, is a 1.2TB, 10k SAS Drive, small form factor(SFF)upgrade for the HUS 100/130/150 systems.  These may be used inside the HUS100 and 130, or in any of the DBS 24 drive expansion frames for those systems.

The raw drive name for this drive is DKR5E-J1R2SS

These drives may also be used in the HUS VM system, but a drive once used in a VM system, may not be used again in an HUS 1XX system.

For this same drive for use in the HUS VM, please use this link on our site:

Hitachi Feature Code = DF-F850-12HGSS

Hitachi Part # = #3282390-E     (Note: in some instances, the RoHS applied suffix in the part number is “S”.)

Currently, we have both the E and the S versions of these drives in stock.  The drives are totally interchangeable within any system, within any expansion frame, and even within any logical array group.