This is a 600GB/10k Small Form Factor Drive upgrade for the Hitachi Data Systems HUS (Hitachi Unified Storage)product line.¬† It goes with either an HUS110, 130, or 150.  Since these were removed from one of the HUS 100 series, they may also be replacements for use in the HUS VM units.

Hitachi Unified Storage 600GB Drive Upgrade,

Feature Code = DF-F850-6HGSS.P

Part number #3282390-A and #3282390-Q

The “A” version of this drive is the non-RoHS applied version of this drive.  The “Q” version of this drive is the RoHS applied version of this drive.  The only difference is the RoHS lubricant used inside the spinning hard drive in the Q unit.  The drives are interchangeable in any of the HUS systems, and may be intermixed with each other in the same system as well as the same expansion or controller frame.  The Operating features of these drives are identical in every way and using them intermixed is sanctioned by HDS.

The 3282390-A is the non-RoHS version of this drive, the 3282390-Q is the RoHS version of the drive, with the RoHS drive lubricant used inside the drive.¬† These drives are interchangeable in the HUS subsystem and can replace either in the system.¬† If not specified in your order, we reserve the right to ship all of one drive, or mixed per availability.