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Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM

Acquire Hitachi USP VM in order to cost-effectively compete. Businesses are adding Hitachi USP VM to increase efficiency, save time, and save money.  Infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. Hitachi USP VM is available in rack-mounted storage platforms. Give yourself advanced storage at a lower cost and smaller footprint than your prior Hitachi USP-V.

You can offer storage such as virtualization, thin provisioning, and achieve business continuity utilizing Hitachi USP VM. Hitachi USP VM functions well for file, object, or block based content. The Hitachi USP VM is utilized to migrate data from storage systems which are no longer useful, or based upon a need to achieve load balancing. The Hitachi USP VM saddles up with the Hitachi dynamic provisioning software and utilized for internal and external storage. You will use less power and save on infrastructure cooling.

Advantages Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM

  • Hitachi Basic Operating System V software
  • Hitachi Storage Command Suite
  • Hitachi In-System Heterogeneous
  • Replication software bundle
  • Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage
  • Hitachi High Availability Manager software

Benefits Of Less Costly IT Management

  • Improve utilization and flexibility of Hitachi legacy systems by aggregating internal storage
  • Externally attach Hitachi and third party storage systems into a single, flexible storage pool
  • Increase efficiency through massive consolidation
  • Aggregation of storage platforms, including those from other vendors
  • Reduce management complexity with optimized storage services managed from a centralized user console
  • Common set of software tools across storage assets connected to Universal Storage Platform VM
  • Run operations continuously during storage expansion activities with Dynamic provisioning software
  • Allocating virtual storage capacity without interrupting critical business applications
  • Requiring fewer physical disks and adding disks only when physical pool size is exceeded
  • Optimize Data Center Environment
  • Meet demand with Hitachi Universal Star Network‚Ñ¢ massively parallel crossbar switch architecture
  • Ensure application quality by partitioning storage with Hitachi Virtual Storage Machine‚Ñ¢ technology

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Hitachi USP VM Leasing & Financing decisions average 24 to 72 hours. The Leasing and Financing application process for Hitachi USP VM is flexible and negotiable.

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