Do you sell overseas or just America?2015-06-19T15:02:59-05:00

PCM Leasing Corp. sells Hitachi Storage, HP Storage, and Oracle-Sun Storage products and parts worldwide.

Do you have a list of cross-reference numbers for Hitachi, HP, and Oracle-Sun product numbers?2015-06-19T15:01:49-05:00

Yes, PCM Leasing has a list of products and parts with cross-reference part numbers for Hitachi, HP, and Oracle-Sun.

Can I lease used or refurbished Hitachi USP-V?2015-06-19T15:00:20-05:00

Yes, leasing is available for any Hitachi products contingent upon your business references, banking relations, and credit score.

How fast can PCM Leasing Corp. ship after I buy online?2015-06-19T14:35:02-05:00

PCM Leasing, Corp. routinely ships same day, next day, or requires a call to check on inventory. The vast majority of products published on this website are in stock and ready to be shipped same day if the order is received by 1:00 p.m. Some Hitachi boards need to be built-to-suit upon purchase and will be shipped next-day.

Does PCM Leasing Corp. sell original OEM Hitachi USP-V?2015-06-19T14:31:06-05:00

Yes, PCM Leasing Corp. sells original manufacturer products and parts.

Is PCM Leasing Corp. an authorized Hitachi reseller?2015-06-19T14:29:19-05:00

PCM Leasing Corp. is an authorized Hitachi reseller.

Does PCM sell refurbished Hitachi drives?2015-06-19T14:27:08-05:00

Yes! PCM Leasing Corp. offers Hitachi drives.

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