This DBF is a 12 drive expansion frame specifically for the Flash Modules specifically for the VSP G series.  It can hold 12 of these flash drives.  The complete expansion frame comes with bezel, rail kits, and also all power and interconnect cabling.

Feature Code is: DW-F800-DBF

Part Number is #3286657

Related products are the following FM(Flash Modules) that may be used in this expansion frame are:

Feature Code               Part Number

DKC-F710i-1R6FM    #3286549-A

DKC-F810i-1R6FN    #3286696-A

DKC-F810i-3R2FM    #3286550-A

DKC-F810i-3R2FM   #3286601-A

DKC-F810i-3R2FN     #3286697-A