This is the cache backup battery for the Hitachi Data Systems VSP Unit.  The system may have as many as 4 of these in each DKC(controller or CBX frame)depending upon the number of cache cards in it.

This NEW internal battery cell fits right into your existing battery canister, part #5541807-A.  The battery swap takes approximately 4-6 minutes.

The price quoted is for the internal replacement battery packs.  Ours are new, with 90 day warranty, guaranteed to work as the original unit, take a charge, and extremely easy to insert.

Please look at the bottom of our home page for “AMS200/500 Battery replacement.¬† While the battery canisters are physically different, the concept of removing the “dead” battery and replacing it with the new battery from PCM is remarkably similar, and once you see the original VSP canister, you will agree that you can make this exchange painlessly and quickly.

If you feel that you do not want to make this exchange, and do want the entire canister with a new cell in it, our price is an additional $35.00 for that “refreshed” canister with the same internal battery pack in it.

The battery canister part number is #5541807-A