AMS200 Base Unit(RKS) w/2 controllers 2 FC ports


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AMS200 Dual Controller with 15 drive slots.

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AMS200 Dual Controller 15 Drive Slots

AMS200 Dual Controller with 15 drive slots. 2GB Fibre ports and a base of 4GB cache. Can be configured to suit, including upgrading to 4GB Fibre ports. Additional parts available:

Controller Boards part number 3272218-B and feature code DF-F700-F1JS;
Cache Memory;
Fibre Ports;
Fan Assembly part number 3272172-C;
Power supplies part number 3272172-A;
Battery Units used or re-manufactured part number 3272172-B.

Feature Code: DF700-RKS.P
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Category: Hitachi AMS
Brand: Hitachi

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Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 30 × 8 in
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