4GB Cache With Four 1GB Dimm

4GB Cache With Four 1GB Dimm


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4GB cache with four 1GB Dimm.

Out of stock

Last Updated: June 20, 2024 Categories: . Manufacturer: Hitachi Data Systems Part Number: 5524236-A/C Hitachi Feature Code: DKC-F515i-C4G/R HP Feature Code: AE025A Condition: Refurbished Shipping: Next Day
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One DIMM = 1GB. you need four of these DIMMs to create the 4GB feature. HP XP12000 and HP10000 feature AE025A. 4GB additional cache for USP controllers.

DKC-F510i-C4G = 4x 5524236-A. (Non RoHS) $30.00

HP AE025A. DKC-F510i-C4GR 4x 5524236-C (RoHS) $30.00 assigned to HP AE025A

#5524252-C Shared memory carrier board (WP551-B). Note: Shared memory Dimms plug into this board.
DKC-F510i-C4G are 4x 5524236-A (Non RoHS)
DKC-F510i-C4GR are 4x 5524236-C (RoHS)

Feature Code: DKC-F515i-C4G/R
Part Number: 5524236-A/C
Availability: Ordered Before 1:00 p.m. should ship same day
Category: Hitachi USP
Brand: Hitachi

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