This feature adds Flash Module Capacity of 3.2TB to either the Hitachi G1000 or G1500 series, as well as the Hewlett Packard HPE P7 Series Storage Subsystems.

The Features are mounted in the Expansion Rack, Feature Code DKC-F810i-DBF with a 12 drive Capacity.

The Feature Code of this upgrade is DKC-F810i-3R2SS

Drive Part Number is #3286601-A

Compatibility Advice: These drives may also be used as interchangeable, and mixed usage in array groups, and parity groups containing #3286550-A, feature code DKC-F710i-3R2FM

This Flash Drive for the HUS 1XX and the HUS VM offers a 3.2TB storage upgrade Flash Drive.

The Raw Drive Part Numbers are NFH1B-P3R2SS and NFH1C-P3R2SS.

The Feature Code is: DKC-F710i-3R2FM which is part number #3286550-A

The Feature Code for the VSP G Series is: DKC-F810i-3R2FM which is part number #3286601-A

It is important to know that the #3286550-A and the #3286601-A are totally interchangeable within any VSP system, any expansion frame, and even within the same logical array group.