This is a 2TB SATA Drive upgrade for all AMS2000 series units, adding 2TB of storage per drive.

2TB SATA Drive Upgrade for AMS2000 Series High Density Expansion Frame

Feature code : DF-F800-AVE2KX.P  2TB SATA Drive #3282101-D


It fits into this expansion frame, feature code DF-F800-RKAKX.P, and exchange chassis part #3282176-A holding up to 48 of the high density drives for the AMS2000 series.

Related Drives that are available are:

DF-F800-AKH450X  450GB/15k SAS Drive #3282265-A

DF-F800-AKH600X  600GB/15k SAS Drive #3282265-B

DF-F800-AVE1KX      1TB SATA Drive #3282101-A

DF-F800-AWE2KX    2TB SAS Drive(7200 RPM) #3282280-A

DF-F800-AVE3KX     3TB SATA Drive #3282101-E